Enelsan Flowmeter Inspection Service...

Enelsan Flowmeter Inspection Service...

Enelsan offers Turkey's most comprehensive inspection and repair-adjustment service for flow meters and water meters. Enelsan received authorization from the Ministry of Industry and Technology for Inspection and Repair-Adjustment Operations.

The supply to the market of water meters and flow meters used for billing purposes in Turkey is made within the scope of 2014/32/EU MID Measuring Instruments Regulation. Inspection, repair-adjustment and stamping processes of these measuring devices during their use will be given to the Persons Who Will Repair and Adjust Measuring and Measuring Instruments No. 28239, Measuring and Measuring Instruments Inspection Regulation No. 22000 published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Measuring and Measuring Instruments Stamp Regulation No. 26400 It can be done at the Water Meters Inspection and Repair-Adjustment Services authorized within the scope of the Regulation on the Authorization Certificate, the Communiqué on the Criteria for Repair and Adjustment of Electricity, Water and Gas Meters No. ÖSG/2005/20. In recent years, it has been observed that the use of MID certified electromagnetic, coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters has become widespread in the measurement and billing of water supplied to agricultural irrigation and industrial large consumption facilities.

This situation brings along the need for laboratory-services that can carry out repair, maintenance and adjustment processes that may occur during the use of these measuring devices, and inspection and stamping processes that are legally required to be done periodically. Although there are laboratory-services established in our country for domestic and low consumption, this situation seems to be needed for large consumption flow meters and water meters.


This process is important for water utilities that use/aim to use flowmeters and water meters for industrial purposes (especially for billing purposes). He underlines that it is important for the water administrations to consider this process for the repair-adjustment processes that may be needed during the usage period of flow meters and water meters, as well as for the legally obligatory periodic inspection, and to include this issue in the procurement processes of these products and in the creation of technical specifications.

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