Enelsan A.S. Enelsan Industrial Electronics Industry was established in 1976 in Dilovası. As of 2019, it moved to its new 5000m2 production facility and doubled its electromagnetic flowmeter capacity from 3000 per year.
   Being the first company to bring the concept of "Measurement Instruments" to Turkey, Enelsan has decided to use its know-how, which has been collaborating with global companies for many years, in the direction of domestic production. The knowledge gained over the years and the technological enhancemen in the world are presented to the Turkish industry as superior domestic production. Enelsan is currently the only electromagnetic flowmeter and pressure transmitter manufacturer in Turkey .
   Enelsan is proud of being the pioneer company to manufacture the differential pressure transmitter. It has the only Türkak accredited flowmeter laboratory belonging to the private sector for electromagnetic flowmeter calibration. The upper limit of Enelsan's electromagnetic flowmeter calibration has reached the size of DN2200 as a result of its latest large-scale flowmeter calibration R & D project and its investment as a result of this study.
   Traceable pressure calibration standards are used in the manufacture and calibration of pressure transmitters. Each product is subjected to long-term tests in temperature change rooms and is shipped with a long-life guarantee. Both remote control and digital linearization are provided with the HART facility offered. Behind the flow, pressure and temperature measuring elements manufactured today are forty years of experience and unique sensor, transmitter and control device designs oriented to the expectation of the industry.
   Enelsan performs various engineering applications in the reading and metering of liquid and gas flow rates and especially with dosing, filling and calibration systems performed with these.
    The new Türkak accredited flowmeter calibration laboratory, which was commissioned at the beginning of 2012, has been the biggest investment of the private sector in this regard. Calibration and reporting of all kinds of magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex flow meters, mass flow meters, orifice plates or venturi measuring elements measuring with the differential pressure principle, process measurement and control devices such as counters, pumps and valves in our accredited calibration laboratory up to 700 m3 / hour upper limits can be done.
   At the same station, our own R&D studies and final product tests are also carried out. Enelsan is Turkey's first and only domestic brand.