Flanged ultrasonic flow meters provide ease of use with stable flange mounting. It has the same feature as online / portable ultrasonic flow meters in principle of operation. The sensors are mounted according to the preferred flange dimensions. In this way, the sensor does not require adjustment. Flanged ultrasonic flowmeters are a product developed as a result of 12 years of ultrasonic flowmeter production. Thanks to the processors with high operating speed used, it has achieved a fast and reliable structure with high performance.






The general features of flanged fixed ultrasonic flowmeters can be listed as follows:

➢ Sensitivity better than 0.5%

➢ Improved software that makes the measurement more stable and increases the performance

➢ RS485 Serial communication

➢ 4-20 mA and 0-10 V Analog output

➢ Ability to measure sewage water

➢ Frequency and Pulse output feature

➢ The ability to use three types of sensors: on the clamp, immersion type, pipe type ➢ All settings can be kept in flash memory

➢ More than 4 communication protocols can be selected: MODBUS, Meter-BUS etc.

➢ Instant and total flow rate information can be stored as month/day and transferred via MODBUS.

➢ Fluid density can be selected ➢ It can be operated with battery or 8~36VDC supply.

Measuring Range
0.01 … 30 m/s
better than 0.5%
better than 0.2%
Measurement Principle
Transition Time Measurement Principle
Measurement Period
2x20 Character LCD Display
Pulse, Analog (4-20 mA, 0-10 V or Frequency) , RS485 and Alarm Relay Output
Automatically Adjusted 64 Days / 64 Months and 5 Years Recording Feature
DN15 - DN6000
Usable Pipe Material
Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, PVC, Aluminum, FRP etc. (provided that it is a liner)
Measurable Fluids
Water, Seawater, Industrial Wastewater, Acid / Base liquids, Alcohol, Beer and other homogeneous liquids
Temperature Range
Main unit -30°C / 80°C, Sensors -40 °C / 110 °C, immersion -40 °C / 150 °C
Humidity Range
Sensor Max. Connection 20 meters, RS485 Max. Link 1000 meters
Battery powered or 8~36VDC 50mA powered
Communication Protocols
MODBUS, M-BUS, Fuji and other communication protocols

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